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WELCOME to HYPERAMS Retail Maximization Services

The Scenario

When seasonal inventories do not sell, retailers are often faced with making a choice to discount heavily or pack it away...


Consumer tastes and trends change rapidly, retailers can quickly find themselves with inefficient product categories or carrying discontinued inventory...


The HYPERAMS team of retail professionals can help resolve circumstances like these, keeping both customer satisfaction and sales results a top priority. 

HYPERAMS Retail helps savvy retail owners: 


  • Improve inventory controls & productivity

  • Manage excess obsolete or discontinued inventory

  • Convert inventory into cash flow

  • Gain insight into improved financial, budgeting and cash controls

  • Organize and manage clearance events

  • Implement quitting business sales and store closing liquidations


Your retail operation is unique and we believe your solutions and opportunities should be as well.

We provide flexible solutions and quick turnaround times for retailers across North America, helping them make timely decisions that grow sales and profits.


We strive to meet our clients goals, and design our strategies to exceed those expectations with:


  • Effective marketing and advertising programs to assist in maximizing footfall

  • Goal oriented merchandising and signing solutions geared for increasing inventory turnover

  • Detailed data analysis targeted to optimizing margins, inventory flow and increasing sales

  • Providing a team of retail operations and financial professionals who specialize in the planning and execution of any solution based strategy

Store Performance Optimization


  • Targeted programs to improve operating margins

  • Comprehensive review of category level performance results and trends

  • Scalable solutions to maximize distressed or obsolete inventories

Store Closure Maximization


  • Recovery oriented solutions for maximizing return within a store closure environment

  • Managing an unlimited number of locations with our team of retail professionals and store closure teams

  • Development of a comprehensive discount and sales plan which will bring the highest possible return for our clients

  • Monitor store expansion to ensure maximum net proceeds

Clearance Centers


  • Development of clearance center models, tailored to fit any inventory initiative

  • Creation of marketing and advertising plans

  • Recovery based operating models developed to maximize the value of our client's inventory 

  • Providing retail professionals experienced in the execution and operation of clearance center stores in any inventory category

To speak with us about how to address circumstances like those listed above, please call (847) 499-7049 or fill out the form below for a free consultation

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